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Viagra Pills - there is no clinical picture of pathology, very small white spots may appear. Erythematous-edematous - an allergic reaction is pronounced, there is a slight peeling of the skin. Deep - subcutaneous nodes with a diameter of up to 3 mm are formed. Suppurative - a bacterial infection, provoking the process of suppuration, joins the focal skin lesion. The clinical picture of a keratotic lesion of the scalp is manifested by the following symptoms.

Such symptoms may indicate the development of hair loss. A dermatologist or trichologist can confirm the diagnosis based on the studies. Important! Follicular keratosis requires immediate treatment. Otherwise, the problem can cause the development of a chronic form of the disease, the addition of a secondary bacterial infection, which provokes an extensive inflammatory process in the deep layers of the skin.

The scalp is covered with dry crusts, there is a fetid smell of rot, an active process of hair loss begins. Signs of follicular keratosis at the initial stage of development are similar to the clinical manifestations of other diseases of the scalp. The most informative diagnostic method is examination of the affected area of the scalp using a Wood's fluorescent lamp. Under such lighting, lichen foci acquire a characteristic emerald green hue. The doctor can also confirm the diagnosis of hair lichen based on the results of instrumental studies and laboratory tests.

Eliminate hair lichen as quickly as possible, subject to an integrated approach to treatment. The process of eliminating lichen involves the use of the following techniques. Drug therapy - taking antiviral and pain medications. Sildenafil pills - irradiation of the affected areas of the skin with the simultaneous administration of Puvalen, Tigazon. Antibiotics are indicated for severe, progressive forms of lichen. Reception of vitamin complexes (vitamin B12, C, A is especially important).